Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Gluten and Coffee?

Okay so I stopped drinking coffee before Christmas quitting a 20 year habit around the same time as I quit eating gluten.  My skin condition Keratosis Pilaris got dramatically better as I posted about a few weeks ago.

So over the last few weeks I decided I could have a coffee now and then for a treat, what can I say I missed the taste.  Well by last week I was drinking one 8oz cup a day as a treat and a funny troubling thing started to happen, my KP was coming back.  I haven't eaten any gluten for at least 4 weeks now so I sat wracking my brain trying to figure out why the KP would be coming back.  Then I remembered I had read/heard somewhere that the protein in coffee can cross react with gluten antibodies.  So 3 days ago I quit drinking coffee again and my KP is so much better after just 3 days!  Soft and smooth, even my hands.

It is pretty amazing that coffee can cause these symptoms, it's something I would never have thought of.  Bye coffee it was amazing while it lasted... hello Earl Grey Tea.

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