Monday, 6 January 2014

The 12 Days of Kitchen

Christmas and New Years is done and my kitchen is a complete disaster.  Somehow the cupboards have become so full I have a hard time closing the door on my glass jar cupboard and a few are just so messy I take too long to find what I need (spice & baking cupboard).  Also my fridge is in need a really good cleaning.

The prospect of tackling it all in one day is far too overwhelming so I have decided that this January will be the first annual 12 Days of Kitchen.  Each day I will tackle an aspect of my kitchen and after 12 days the whole thing will clean as a whistle at least for a little while.

Day 1 - Baking Cupboard
Day 2 - Spice Cupboard
Day 3 - Tea Cupboard
Day 4 - Pantry
Day 5 - Cupboard Fronts & Back Splash
Day 6 - Stove, Oven & Oven Drawer
Day 7 - Fridge
Day 8 - Pots & Pans
Day 9 - Lid & Storage Container Drawers
Day 10 - Silverware Drawer
Day 11 - Cookbook & Medicine Cupboards
Day 12 - Glass & Mug Cupboards

I will let you know how it goes!


Anonymous said...

Oh! This is a fantastic idea!

OntarioMountainBikingMama said...

Thanks Erin :)

Day 1 done! Only 11 more to go.