Friday, 5 July 2013

Eating Clean - Whole Grain Rye and Spelt Pizza

Well I have been grain free for a while now and I miss tasty homemade pizza. Since wheat is out I thought I'd try an experiment with a whole grain rye/spelt crust. The crust was very good. crispy at the edges and firm through the middle. I baked it on the BBQ because it was really hot out. Everyone liked it.

Here's the trouble with eating really clean. You can really tell when you eat something that doesn't agree with you and my intestines did not like the pizza at all. Last night I had a burning in my gut and foul gas that I used to have all the time but don't get anymore since cutting out grains. I woke several times because of the discomfort last night. This morning even after voiding I still have a burning in my gut.

So it looks like my experiment failed. This crust is not for me. But you might like it if your not gluten sensitive. I know I really sold it there emoticon

Whole Rye/Spelt Pizza Crust

Makes 5 -10 inch round thin crusts.

2 cups dark rye flour
2 cups whole spelt
1 tsp salt
1 tsp dry active yeast
1 egg
1 cup water
Sour milk or milk

Mix all the dry ingredients together in mixer with kneading attachment (or by hand). While still mixing add egg and water. Add enough milk to make the dough smooth but not sticky. Do not over mix. Place in a greased bowl and cover for 2-3 hours until doubled. Increase the yeast to 2 1/2 tsp and add 1 tsp sugar to speed rising time.

Preheat oven or BBQ to 450F. Grease cast iron pans and roll out pizza dough to fit in pan. Top with your favourite toppings. Bake for 12-15 minutes until done to your liking.


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