Monday, 6 January 2014

On the 1st Day of Kitchen

The Baking Cupboard

This cupboard was quite the disaster and it took me longer than I thought it would to sort and tidy it.  I made the switch to being completely gluten free this past year and in doing so I spent quite a bit of time and money playing around with different flours trying to find substitutes for some of my favourite foods.  Today I ended up getting rid of some flours and starches that I had bought but ended up not using in my cooking and I took my glutenous flours that I had for special Christmas baking downstairs to the storage room where they will sit until the next time I need them.  I also exchange my egg cartons each week when I get fresh pastured eggs from a local farm so there were quite a few of those in there.

After - You can see I broke my lazy Susan with too much weight.
The upper one is cracked as well.  I'm going to get metal ones next time.
After - All my sweeteners together in a bin.  I debated
storing these downstairs because I don't really use them
anymore but decided there was enough room for them.
After - Flours, I will thin these a bit more as well.
I have found brown rice, arrowroot and almond flour are my favorites to bake with.

Tomorrow Day 2 I tackle my spice cupboard.

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