Sunday, 9 October 2011

Long Weekend Rides

We just got back from the cottage.  I spent the weekend trying out a fully rigid, single speed, 29er bike that Hugh Black over at True North Cycles lent me.  It was such a different ride from my full suspension Kona Lisa,  I loved the big wheels.  I could ride over pretty much everything that the Bruce Peninsula MTB Adventure Park threw at me which was rocks, rocks and more rocks.  No flat trails at all.  I really enjoyed trail The Rocky Flats.  It had the best flow of the day.  The MTB Adventure Park was definitely an interesting choice for riding a fully rigid bike.  I spent a lot of time out of the saddle which is a totally new way to ride for me, usually I sit back and enjoy the benefits of full suspension.  Lately though I have been thinking that full squish just isn't worth the weight.

I talked hubby into trying out the Sawmill Ski Trails in Hepworth this morning before we left the cottage because I wanted to see how the bike would handle on a hillier but less technical terrain. So after a liberal dose of Chamois Butter ( I took a lot of hits at the MTB Adventure Park!),  we hit the trails.  The new bike rode awesome even though I had to really crank it up the hills and force my mind to get over the fact that when I wanted to switch into a lower gear I couldn't because I only had one gear, usually I have a slow and steady kind of ride mentality especially where hills are concerned.  I do wish the trails had been marked, we were pretty lost in there even though we had a map.  Really what good is having a trail map with named trails if when you get out into the forest there are no signs to tell you where you're going or where you've been?

I have to admit that I am somewhat addicted to the new bike.  I have suggested a ride at the Hydro Cut tomorrow so I'll let you know how that goes.

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