Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Keeping a Workout Journal

This year for Christmas my husband gave me a wonderful new book.  It is a beautiful green journal with a ribbon for a book mark. I love it and it couldn't have come at a better time, my old journal is almost completely full of my past 7 months workouts.  I love writing down my workouts.  I know the weight and reps I've done for each given exercise and it helps to keep me consistent and  mindful of what part of the body I have worked and what I need to workout next.

Before Christmas I did two longer whole body workouts so for my next few workouts I have decided to focus either core, lower body or upper body.  Yesterday I did a core workout and it is sore today but not painful.  Here it is.

Using my Gymboss timer I did 3 sets of 30/10.  30 seconds workout/10 seconds transition and writing down how many reps I've done.

Core Workout - 12 minutes

Set                                                  1                2               3

Hanging Leg Raises -                       10               7              10
Back Extensisons on Ball -               10              10             24    (Add weight next time.)
Turkish Get Ups (each side) -            5                4               5    (8kg kettle bell)
Hanging Knee Circles -                    12              12             12
Supermans -                                   yes             yes           yes

Yoga - 15 minutes

Total workout time 27 minutes.

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