Sunday, 23 December 2012

Grain Free, Paleo Christmas Baking

     Wow I just got back from a HIIT sprinting workout and I haven't done one of those in a 
while.  It was intense.  I always jog for 5 minutes to warm up before I start sprinting to hopefully prevent injury.  Today I did 8 sets of 2 minutes walking/20 seconds sprinting with some walking lunges thrown into the 2 minute walking portion.  I finished up with a light jog for 4-5 minutes to cool down.  People must wonder what the heck I'm doing out there. My legs are like jello!

    I other news, I have been doing a lot of Christmas baking as of late.  I made these yesterday and they are amazing.  I found the recipe here so a big thank you to Megan for posting such a good recipe.  I do find them a very sweet though because they have dates and dark chocolate in them.  It's probably because I don't eat very much sugar.  Any suggestions on how to tame the sweetness would be appreciated.


     I also made Megan's healthier peanut butter balls, recipe here, which when thrown in the freezer make a nice two bite dessert.  I used creamy natural peanut butter in mine though, a personal preference.

     I made a bunch of Adam's Oma's old German Christmas cookies as well.  I have to weigh all the ingredients for those and I will post some recipes and pictures after the holidays.  Right now they are safely stored away in the freezer away from hungry husbands and children. 

     I have some last minute wrapping to do today and two presents left to pick up from my Mom and Dad's place.  We are hosting the Christmas festivities for Adam's family here tomorrow so I have to make sure everything's picked up and dusted.

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