Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Whole Body Workout in 30 Minutes

I have been really getting into the BodyRock type workout since last winter.  Although I've never actually done one of their workouts I do like to borrow ideas from the site.  They are short intense interval type workouts that really get the blood pumping in a short amount of time.  I have a GymBoss interval timer and I love it!

Today I did this workout.  30 seconds working out, 10 seconds rest/transition.  For a total workout time of 18 minutes.

Set                                          1             2            3

Jump Rope                              yes          yes         yes

Hanging Leg Raises                   9             8           10

Push Ups                                10             9           9

Sumo Squats - 12kg kettlebell   10            12          11

Burpees                                   12           13          12

TRX Rows                              10           10          12

Bulgarian Squats - right leg        11           10          10
   12kg kettlebell - left leg          11           10          10

Hanging Knee Circles               12            12          12

It was so intense, I was dripping with sweat when I was done.  I finished my workout off with 12 minutes of yoga/stretching that made me feel great.

30 minute workout and I'm now I'm ready to face the day!

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