Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Epic Spring 8 - Saturday May 26, 2012

Wow is it only time for the Epic Spring 8?  I love the Spring 8 it is one of my favourite races of the year.  It marks the start of summer.  But this year the weather has been so nice that it feels like the middle of summer already!

Adam the kids and I headed up to Mansfield the night before the race.  It's kind of a tradition now to pick up Pizza Pizza on the way up to a Chico race.  We set up the tent and went to bed early because Adam had a cold and everyone else was tired as well.

In the morning we got the pop up all ready with supplies for the race and had some breakfast.

Waiting for the start.  

We had decided before the race that we would do double laps because it usually takes me 5km to really warm up so with the 10km laps it seemed best to do doubles.  The course was really, really sandy even for Mansfield.  The riding in Moab really helped hone my sand biking skills so I had no problem with the course Saturday.  There were flowy, fun singletrack sections and I especially enjoyed the sandy downhill breaking ruts.  For real, those were fun!  Adam ended up doing 8 laps to my 7 and we came in 4th,  12 minutes behind 3rd place.

Ryan had fun at the kids race.  Here he is at the start.  I missed his race because I was on course but Adam got to watch.  However Ryan wanted to show me the kids course so we did 2 laps of that together after the 8 Hour was done.  He really likes his new water bottle and bell that he received when he finished his 2 laps.  By the end of the day he was feeling pretty bad and he ended up throwing up 3 times on Sunday.

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