Monday, 16 January 2012

Winter Workouts

Winter to me means creative workouts indoors.  This year we have stepped up the home gym with a few new acquisitions.  It has completely taken over my dining room now and that's okay with me.  I like to see everything waiting for me to use it.  

The home gym.
We have a mirror on the wall behind me that we use to check our form.

Weights and Kettle Bells.  I love lifting weights!  It makes me feel so strong.

Power Blocks were recommended to me by a trainer friend and we picked up a used set through and they have been fantastic.  This set is 5lbs-50lbs and they take up minimal room in my cozy house.

Hanging up are 2 jump ropes, 3 resistance bands and Adam's homemade TRX.  I am loving the new TRX for working my core.  I can workout for 10 minutes and my abs are super sore the next day.  I haven't done a crunch in 5-6 years because I discovered how wonderful planks and Pilates are for abs.  Now the TRX is going to take it to a whole new level.

We've got a step that Adam made me years ago, some exercise balls and the all important exercise diary.  I have been keeping a workout diary for a few years as well.  It's a great way to keep track of it all.  There is no guessing how may reps and what weight you used last time because it's all right there in the diary.

Some good pumping music is a must, as is this Yoga for Athletes book that I have continually checked out of the library (I really ought to just buy a copy already).  I do love to stretch.

The "TRX" ceiling mounts (rock climbing bolt anchors).

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